Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) GenesisFlex Cutera

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) GenesisFlex Cutera

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Unique GenesisFlex “Soft” Pulses generates unique radial pulses by utilizing a projectile 5 times heavier than the graded air compressor systems and has a minimized final velocity upon contact with the applicator. The same amount of mechanical energy is carried by the pulse with the force of the accelerator and mass of the projectile, and is much more effortless for the patient in comparison with other comparable systems. Principle of Radial Pulse Therapy is: A projectile is there in the handpiece which is accelerated by the electromagnetic transfer of kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is then converted into impact energy in the applicator head. This impact energy supplied by the applicator head is responsible for generating radial pulses in the target tissue. This can be otherwise known as the wave effect in the tissue. This product is effective and convenient to use. Radial pulse therapy shows well-organized transfer of energy affecting muscle tone whilst reducing the demands of manual soft tissue work. The product helps the user to extend their hands and hence providing mechanical stimulation to target tissue.
  • Type:pressure therapy unit