Pressure monitoring catheter / rectal / double-lumen mcompass Medspira

Pressure monitoring catheter / rectal / double-lumen mcompass Medspira

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This tests for incontinence and colorectal problems. Chronic constripation and fecal incontinence are growing problems with the aging population of today. Only 1 in 13 patients with these conditions is tested to find their disorder's cause. These patients have healthcare costs that are 55% higher overall and expenses related to gastrointestinal treatment are 77% higher. Few of the 50 million people living with these diseases ever receive any care, and those who do get treatment often receive laxatives or changes in diet that don't address underlying causes. It's essential that Pelvic Floor Function Assessments are completed to test anal sphincter and pelvic floor issues since these are often the cause. Balloon expulsion testing and Crucial Rectal manometry tests evaluate these problems to determine the root cause.
  • Application:pressure monitoring
  • Area of the body:rectal
  • Number of lumens:double-lumen
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