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IntrinsiQ IntelliView Data, The Gold Standard Oncologists across the nation, in practices ranging from prestigious academic medical centers to single physician offices, use IntelliDose® to manage the chemotherapy treatment of every patient in their practice. Treatment decisions, drugs prescribed, and drug administration details are electronically captured at the point-of-care and create the IntrinsiQ IntelliView Database – the number one source for real-time, longitudinal, oncology practice data in the US. Support for Oncology Product Lifecycles From Research & Development to Pre-launch planning to Post-launch management, IntrinsiQ provides the data and resources to support business development, launch strategies, and life cycle management. IntrinsiQ provides a modular portfolio of data products and services ranging from syndicated data to custom analytic research. Syndicated Research Updated monthly via the web, the IntelliView subscription provides projected monthly and annual data enabling oncology market researchers and analysts to size markets, forecast demand, and track market penetration. Enhanced Syndicated Research Expands IntelliView data to include a longitudinal view of cancer treatment, costs, and the effects of market events. Custom Research The range and historical depth of IntelliView oncology practice information provides an unparalleled source for analysis of real-world oncology data. Coupled with IntrinsiQ IntelliView Data, our analytic team can assess and pressure-test assumptions surrounding models, forecasts, and market entry strategies and deliver results based on insight and understanding of the entire oncology marketplace.
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