Pregnancy test meter PNC 210 Foracare Suisse

Pregnancy test meter PNC 210 Foracare Suisse
PNC 210

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Why do you absolutely need the FORA About Pregnancy Device? Being pregnant can be an exciting moment for a woman and often a life changing event too. An accurate and efficient pregnancy test is essential, and by using FORA EARLY TESTING PNC210 it is able to deliver the news to your 4 days before your expected period so that you could begin to make important decisions, such as adapting to a healthier lifestyle and preparing for the arrival of the baby. As the first few weeks of pregnancy are critical to fetal development, a prenatal care is essential to monitor baby’s healthy weight and its survival. The FORA DIGITAL PNC 100 and FORA EARLY TESTING PNC210 pregnancy tests are of high accuracy and are reliable for achieving over 99% accuracy. Please see Clinical Validation page for more information relating to accuracy testing.
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