Precision sandblaster P-G 400 Harnisch + Rieth

Precision sandblaster P-G 400 Harnisch + Rieth
P-G 400

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P-G 400 spot blasting unit is designed for an efficient operation in metal, precious metal ceramics and plastics technology. P-G 400 spot blasting unit is used for blasting prior to coating, polishing, removal of oxide and ceramics residue, after baking, and also used for designing the facing and preparing ceramic chewing surfaces. The spot blasting unit features a modular design with 2, 3 or 4 blasting units with an optimally illuminated large blasting chamber.The blasting chamber contains an easy-to-use stirrup lock and a the device features a mounted convenient blow out nozzle within an easy access range. Blasting agents from 25µ to 250µ are easily used with the unit. The quantity of blasting agent and the blasting pressure is pre-set individually for each blasting system featured in the display. The device holds a blasting stylus which is drawn for activation of the blasting unit.
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