Pre-filled syringe / glass BD Hypak SCF™ BD

Pre-filled syringe / glass BD Hypak SCF™ BD
BD Hypak SCF™

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In this competitive marketplace it is necessary to have the right delivery system that can differentiate your drug, thus it provides with a gold standard in drug delivery system. The injectable drugs are thus nowadays packed it in prefillable syringes Features: Gives more doses per unit of drug production because of its less overfill, thus resulting in expanded supply and reduced bulk formulation cost Safer administration as dosage error is reduced due to its pre-measured and accurate dose, thus reducing microbial contamination as single use presentation lowers risks as compared to multi-use presentation It is faster to use in last minute situations and also facilitate healthcare worker documentation Gives market advantage due to features like support life cycle management and can enable product differentiation through customization As fewer steps are required for processing before filling , it simplifies the manufacturing process.
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