Power cage (weight training) / traditional LIFTER intelligent motion gmbh

Power cage (weight training) / traditional LIFTER intelligent motion gmbh

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The revolutionary "lifter" training device opens up completely new possibilities for training implementation, training planning and analysis for both the athlete and the trainer. The high degree of automation does not only enable safe training with barbells, but also with simulated loads, whose angles can be adjusted! Device functions in detail safe Optical sensors along the sides of the device permit an exact, contact-free tracking of the barbell movement in the training procedure on both sides. In emergency situations or at freely definable movement limits, the lifter "catches" the barbell in a safe and reliable way, thereby providing optimum protection from injuries during the application of heavy loads (up to 400 kg) as well as the training of movements. lifter combines force imposition, freedom and safety. The combination of the freely adjustable barbell weight bar with our perfected virtual force simulation offers the possibility of a safe training procedure without the need to do without the functional advantages of a "free barbell". Movement space and forces are infinitely adjustable, thereby preventing injuries.
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