Portable veterinary ultrasound system C101-SM100 BMV Technology

Portable veterinary ultrasound system C101-SM100 BMV Technology

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SonoMaxx® 100 optimizes imaging precision via all digital technologies and ensures the reality and perfection of images, is suitable in hospitals and clinics for diagnosing liver, GB, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, bladder, uterus, as well as in pet hospitals for veterinary use. You can depend on the SonoMaxx® 100 system to perform in the most demanding of situations and environments. Product Description: System weight:0.6kg (including battery) Dimensions: 25cm L x 40cm H x 12cm W Display: 5.8 ? TFT LCD Drop tested: 50 cm Boot up time: Less than 2 seconds Architecture: All-digital broadband Storage: USB 2.0 for real- time picture uploading to PC Ultrasound Station: provides multiple imaging operations on PC, such as picture capturing, imaging processing, annotation add, case management. Advantages: • Delivers large-scale functionality and greater diagnostic confidence in professional and fast imaging of diagnosis examination. • Interface and menu structure have been designed to guide the user through their task with operation quickly and becoming second nature; • excellent LCD display with LED backlight, with a very wide viewing angle • 450~550-frame cine loop and insider 64 frames image storage • Support ultrasound station for store images and video then transfer them to your computer;