Portable ultrasound bladder scanner PINIT Echo-Son

Portable ultrasound bladder scanner PINIT Echo-Son

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The PINIT Bladder Scanner is designed to be used for noninvasive measurement of the contents or volume of the bladder and used as basic imaging diagnostic and measurement of urinary tracts and organs. PINIT is most commonly used in medical fields such as urinary incontinence, uroflowmetry or urodynamics support, AUR, Urinary retention or POUR, CUR or urinary tract infections. It limits the use of unnecessary catheterization while reducing the rates of urinary tract infection. It helps manage incontinence and enables a wide range of diagnostics and anatomical measurements of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and many more. It uses urodynamics support by providing exams that identify infection, inflammation, or absence in 2D diagnostic mode. It also confirms bladder filling and measurements.
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