Portable dental treatment unit EMS Meta Biomed

Portable dental treatment unit EMS Meta Biomed

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Dentistry is Changing Everyday Diagnosis and treatment planning are becoming the key factors for the optimum clinical results. S-Denti, the innovator in Endodontic dentistry, has developed new concept of treatment center, which provides you the newly integrated treatment system from diagnosis, treatment, and finally to the patient management. . EMS, Endo Magic System, offers you the new treatment philosophy and practice life beyond Endodontic treatment.-4 All-in-one but also as Independent Treatment System: From the case diagnosis, endodontic treatment, esthetic restorations, and patient management, all devices in EMS can work as one integrated unit or as an independent device. Stable and Reliable Treatment Center with multi systems: Each handpiece can work as independent device without pc up to 1 hour with control panel that indicates information for the setting up and operating condition on the Dot Matrix LCD. Also, when moving equipment, pc does not need to be rebooted although power line is unplugged due to recharge- able built-in battery. The USB 2.0 interface offers freedom in interchanging data. Handpieces can be easy to install and detach for faster after taint landra
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