Portable baropodometry platform WIN-POSTURO Medicapteurs

Portable baropodometry platform WIN-POSTURO Medicapteurs

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WIN-POSTURE, the fundamental technology for the posturology clinician: • Postural assessment • Analysis of stability and balance dysfunctions •Therapeutic monitoring with a new 40 hz/16b platform • New design with improvement sturdiness and performance • Extra thin platform • Data acquisition and precision from 5Hz to 40 Hz • USB connection • Optional board for dynamic balance • New software versions: WinPosture NV and WinTrainer NV, providing one system with multiple objectives Analysis of static and dynamic postural behavior • Providing objective and quantifiable postural parameters through the analysis of stabilometry data • Etablishing a detail postural report • Assessing the postural patient • Facilitating the diagnostic process Validating treatment and postural outcomes • Monitoring and improving treatment outcomes on patient posture (corrective orthotics, orthopedic supports, prosthesis, bite guards, manipulations, care...) Improving patient communication and interaction with other clinicians A high performance platform High precision and reliable measuring instrument • Extra thin platform • 16 bits electroncs allowing reliable recordings at 40Hz • Direct USB platform to computer connection • Perfect linearity • Very high sensitivity level