Portable baropodometry platform SSS ED800 EUROCLINIC

Portable baropodometry platform SSS ED800 EUROCLINIC

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Euroclinic features SSS ED800, a static Sensograph System that is generally used for examining posture control power of individuals standing still. Not only this, the compact device is expert in analyzing the way individuals maintain the balance and quantifying posture system bringing in components. The SSS ED800 Static Sensograph, incorporated in EDM software, allows establishing standard tests and thereafter Rehabilitation tests, executed by use of service monitor to facilitate visual feedback. With help of the machine, individuals can obtain printings that can be personalized easily about outcomes and tracings (charts or graphs). The advanced SSS ED800 Static Sensograph can be transported conveniently in an aluminum suit-case, permitting the user to always have a handy compact powerful diagnostic system.
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