Polyester vascular prosthesis / knitted INTERGARD™ Atrium

Polyester vascular prosthesis / knitted INTERGARD™ Atrium

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The Optimal Choice for Abdominal Vascular Reconstruction MAQUET's collagen-coated INTERGARD Knitted vascular grafts are designed with a unique reverse locknit construction that offers excellent handling and suturing characteristics. It also results in long-term stability and resistance to dilatation. INTERGARD Knitted grafts have a burst strength nearly twice that of other knitted polyester collagen- impregnated grafts on the market, which significantly reduces the potential for postoperative dilatation. To promote optimal healing and long-term patency, INTERGARD Knitted grafts have a low-profile velour on the external surface. They incorporate a soft, open crimp design to minimize turbulence and enhance neointima formation. Summary of benefits: Demonstrated long-term durability and resistance to postoperative dilation. Proprietary knit design produces outstanding handling and suturability. Low-profile velour construction designed to promote optimal healing. Proven clinical safety and efficacy: clinical trial results demonstrated fewer complications and a higher primary patency rate compared with another commercially available collagen-impregnated graft.
  • Material:polyester
  • Other characteristics:knitted
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