Polishing unit for dental laboratory E07/S ERIO

Polishing unit for dental laboratory E07/S ERIO

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This unit offers wide space for the housing of the customer polishing motor and allows the technician to move more easily. It is predominantly made of stainless steel and the lighting is provided by a fluorescent tube (18 W). It has a large drawer for the brushes. On the top there is a cover that can be opened, making the access to the suction motor (800 W) and to the filters easier. There are two filter bags having an area of 1500 cm2 each one. The suction motor has a supplementary filter with a surface of 3654 cm2. It is necessary to check the motor brushes every 700 working hours. The polishing motor is non included and it is provided by the customer. E07 can be supplied: Over a bench to work standing (work top height 104,5 cm), codes E07/CA and E07/SA; Over a base to work seated (adjustable from 79,5 or 89,5 cm), codes E07/CB and E07/SB. Noise: 66 dBA.
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