Polarimeter automatic 850 nm | ADS480 Bellingham + Stanley

Polarimeter automatic 850 nm | ADS480 Bellingham + Stanley
850 nm | ADS480

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For operation in the sugar and associated industries where the use of Lead Acetate is prohibited, dictating the need for an infra red measurement. The ASDS480 Saccharimeter is a Near Infra Red (NIR) automatic polarimeter designed specifically for use in industrial labaoratories and Tare Houses in the Cane, Beet & Ethanol Industries. High quality, frequency specific optics allow transmissions in the infra red spectrum negating the need to use lead based clarifiers and the single wavelength design concept provides users with a low cost alternative to the dual wavelength models currently available on the market. Unlike other Saccharimeters, the ADS480 uses an LED light source that requires no maintenance and results are continually measured and displayed in the ISS scale (°Z) to an accuracy of ±0.06 °Z at NIR frequencies. Operation is very simple by way of four graphically presented push buttons and therefore requires no on-screen language interpretation. A single sensor provides the measurement for sugar or quartz temperature compensation and the instrument can be verified and if necessary, calibrated using a quartz control plate by accessing the span facility in the setup menu. In order to provide rapid results and negate the need to clean sample tubes after each reading, a funnel flowcell be used with a specially suited slotted lid. Both are supplied as standard in the ADS480 Saccharimeter package.
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