Pneumatic tube system hospital Ing. Sumetzberger

Pneumatic tube system hospital Ing. Sumetzberger
Ing. Sumetzberger

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Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems are fast and reliable, and the advanced technology allows for accurate transporting and distributing. It provides low cost automation for increased productivity with an automated system. Less wasted time with personal doing tedius and unneeded errands. Sumetzberger is a leader in the industry and their solutions are based on their many years of experience and the highly skilled engineers and superior technicians so that one-stop solutions can always be provided to the client. Custom solutions that are tailored to your needs are the focus and the company offers in-depth training and after sales support to ensure you get the most from your unit. Leading technology creates ground breaking solutions such as the Autounload system for hospitals.
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Leberstr. 108,
1110 Wien
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