Pneumatic tube system hospital GCCS Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic tube system hospital GCCS Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems

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The Colombo/PTP Global Computer Controlled System is a sophisticated material distribution system with an “any to any” service capability. This type of configuration will meet the complex material distribution needs of any business environment. The windows-based TUBES™ software can control a virtually unlimited number of independent and/or interconnected zones. All system components are controlled from the TUBES central computer using an intuitive graphical interface based on Microsoft’s highly robust Windows XP operating system. The TUBES central computer provides the most comprehensive real-time transaction tracking and system diagnostics available for a network-type system. Dynamic carrier routing ensures that carriers use the shortest available path to their intended destination. Onsite employee network capabilities and remote access for maintenance personnel provide communication with the central control center from any location. A long list of features enhances the capability of the system to satisfy the needs of users at any organization.
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