Pneumatic oxygen conserver MQ4100 Medquip

Pneumatic oxygen conserver MQ4100 Medquip

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Airial MQ4100 Oxygen Conserver is unique for its accuracy in conserving oxygen which runs on single lumen with a conserving ratio of 5.6:1. This pneumatic conserver is built on “Whisper Quiet” technique which enables it to be used in home or away where noise is completely undesirable. Its durability is ensured for brass-core engineering enabling it to be secure and reliable device for many years. Conserving regulator is combination of regulator and conserving device. Continuous and Conserve mode is switched easily by turning a knob. The outlet flow for continuous and conserve mode are 2-4 LPM and 1-5 LPM respectively. UL approved gauge is of 1.25 inch with protection of rubber gauge. Compact device has 4.8”L x 1.8”W x 1.5”H dimension and 12.9 oz weight with 3 Years warranty. It is sold 6 piece in a case.
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