Plastic syringe / pre-filled BD Sterifill SCF™ BD

Plastic syringe / pre-filled BD Sterifill SCF™ BD
BD Sterifill SCF™

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The BD Sterifill SCF comes from the industry leading plastic syringe manufacturer, BD. The BD Sterifill SCF is a syringe system that can be prefilled. This can be used in various settings for parenteral administration of pharmaceutical compounds. Its Crystal Clear Polymer (CCP) allows you to clearly see the drug you are administering. It is intended for use with highly viscous solutions, contrast media, operating room settings and local or general anesthetics. It comes already sterilized and ready to be filled. After it is filled, it sustains autoclaving. This syringe boasts a latex free and light weight design. It resists most instances of shocks and breakage. Its durable design decreases the chance of the flange breaking and the needle detaching. These syringes come in a variety of sizes, including 5, 10, 20 and 50 mL. You can also request other sizes.
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