Planning software module / medical / orthopedic surgery Fracture Management OrthoView

Planning software module / medical / orthopedic surgery Fracture Management OrthoView
Fracture Management

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OrthoView’s innovative Fracture Management module has been developed in conjunction with leading trauma surgeons to give rapid, on-screen planning and templating for trauma cases. Features include: On-screen fracture reduction Fracture Management This uses a simple click, cut and drag technique. Each fragment has a fully adjustable outline and a shadow is left on the original image when the fragment is manipulated or moved away. Smart templates for trauma Fracture Management With OrthoView’s Smart Templates for Trauma, it’s quick and easy to step between size options by simply dragging the end of the template to fit the anatomy. Each template is automatically populated with the correct screw options with colour coding defining the different types available such as locking and cancellous. The screw templates follow the behaviour of the real thing so locking screws have a fixed orientation whereas non-locking screws can be positioned through a range of angles. Plates can even be bent on screen for the best visualisation of potential screw interference in complex cases of fracture management. Comprehensive Report and Notes Fracture Management Your selected fracture management templates and screw options are recorded automatically in a Report. Optional use of the Notes feature allows recording of other aspects of the pre-operative plan. Report, Notes and templated images can be stored locally, sent back to PACS, or transferred via ImageShare.
  • Application domain:medical, orthopedic surgery
  • Function:planning
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