Pin drilling machine ImplantMax Saturn Imaging Inc.

Pin drilling machine ImplantMax Saturn Imaging Inc.

Dental CT prevails in private clinics, and it provides 3D and undistorted jawbone image for diagnosis and pre-operative planning in dental implantation practice. Undoubtedly, CT imaging becomes a routine and eliminates guesswork from conventional planar X-ray radiograph. Guided implantology, under such digital revolution, becomes the next step to transfer CT pre-operative planning into intra-operative surgery assistance. The key element is the surgical guide that enables guided drilling to elevate dental implantation into a new level as compared to freehand drilling. However, the current surgical guide fabrication is a cumbersome and error-prone process and guided implantology is only limited in complex treatment, such as edentulous cases. ImplantMax sets a new standard in guided implantology, aiming to promote the guiding technology into routine practice in every implantation case. ImplantMax provides an all-in-one solution for guided implantology, ranging from digital treatment planning, surgical guide fabrication, to surgical guide verification. The all-in-one approach streamlines guided implantology and greatly increases the throughput of digital technology in implantation practice.
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