Physical activity monitor wireless / wearable / wrist LG

Physical activity monitor wireless / wearable / wrist LG

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LIFEBAND TOUCH - THE ADVANTAGES ARE CLEAR One glance at the crisp OLED screen, and you know you’re sporting something special. Lifeband Touch’s crisp readout makes it a cinch to check performance, and all it takes is a press of the button or flick of the wrist to activate. LG ’s sleekest innovation yet expands the boundaries of monitoring physical activity, wirelessly syncing with the free LG Fitness App and some of the most popular tracking apps. When combined with LG’s revolutionary HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor, Lifeband Touch becomes the ultimate real-time information resource. Available in M, L and XL sizes to ensure the ideal fit. KEEP TRACK OF EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE. Fitness takes many forms, from a weekend hike to rediscovering the pleasures (and rewards) of walking. Lifeband Touch’s advanced sensor technology provides the ease of use and in-depth data you can count on, wherever a healthy lifestyle takes you. - Full Range of Time Features – including time, stopwatch, intervals and alarm - Calories Burned - Speed - Miles Covered – with multi-terrain settings - 3-Axis Accelerometer – measuring acceleration forward, backward and side to side - Altimeter – Provides ascent/decent data - GPS Data – Analyze detailed aspects of your fitness course Plus these extras: - Monitor incoming phone calls on the OLED Screen - View real-time biometric data from the HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor
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