Physical activity monitor wearable / wrist / wireless PRO-Diary CamNtech

Physical activity monitor wearable / wrist / wireless PRO-Diary CamNtech

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The PRO–Diary is a compact wrist–worn electronic diary with integrated activity monitor designed to collect Patient Reported Outcome (subjective data) and Actigraphy (objective data) screen on 270 The PRO-Diary is a key tool in studies requiring Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). The subject can report on symptoms, affect, behaviour and cognitions close in time to experience, and these reports are obtained many times over the course of a study. The PRO-Diary has integrated motion logging as standard. Using the MotionWare Software, customers can use PRO-Diary and MotionWatch 8 interchangeably to create their ideal actigraphy solution. Questionnaires can be designed using the PRO-Diary software and then loaded via USB. Questions can be asked at given times, random times or can be user initiated with flexible scheduling of up to 30 days. How does it work? The PRO–Diary user interface consists of a touch sensitive 'slider' device, two buttons and an ultra–clear OLED screen, additionally the device now contains a tri-axial accelerometer as standard. Questions are programmed in the easy–to–use software then uploaded to the device via USB. The PRO–Diary can ask questions of eight different types; please see the questions page for more information on the different formats. Once completed, questions are downloaded to PC and can be analysed within the software and then exported to third party programmes if required. Please see the results page for more information.
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