Photoplethysmograph vasoquant 2000 ELCAT

Photoplethysmograph vasoquant 2000 ELCAT
vasoquant 2000

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The Vasoquant 2000 is a 2 channeled photoplethysmograph provides diagnosis for venous and acral arterial functions. This affordable machine evaluates arterial blood circulation as well as the amount of amplitude and pulse form. Registration of peripheral pulses in macro and micro circulation are provided by this machine. Measurement of the peripheral acral pressure can also be accomplished by this machine. Irrespective of compression stockings, this device can measure the amounts of venous pumping power, using a LRR optical sensor and a muscle pump test D-PPG. This helps control the progression of venous diseases. Product features include an automatic cuff control, a long operating time, and documentation mechanisms. The product adapts itself to various skin pigmentations and topography, using the automatic calibration mechanism. Reductions in pumping power can be measured easily. An optimized volume sensor, an inkjet printer, Windows compatible vasoview software, and a rechargeable battery are included.
Bgm.-Finsterwalder-Ring 27,
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