Photoplethysmograph Compactus 700 series Gutmann MD

Photoplethysmograph Compactus 700 series Gutmann MD
Compactus 700 series

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Compact vascular laboratory for diagnosis of arterial and venous deseases Two-channel Venous-Occlusion-Plethysmograph with buildt-in two-channel Photoplethysmograph for quantitative measurement of arterial inflow (resting flow), reactive hyperemia, venous capacity and venous out- flow (drainage), and for testing the muscle pump. With program-controlled pneumatic-unit, self balancing measuring bridges, microcomputer and thermo-array-recorder for recording the curves and printing the digital results. Photo-plethysmograph for record of the arterial pulses from toes and fingers and for record of the changes of blood filling in the veins for test of venous valves. Option: Measurement of systolic blood-pressure in fingers and toes. Compact case with membrane switches for starting the standardized measuring procedures - manometer for supervising the cuff pressure. This vascular laboratory can be equipped with 5 different plethysmography programs and until 7 further automatically running diagnostic programs. Printout of the recorded measuring values during the measurements. Serial interface for PC connection.
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