Phone alert system Myco Ascom

Phone alert system Myco Ascom

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INSPIRED BY NURSES Nurses are the everyday heroes in healthcare and deserve their very own companion to assist them in their jobs – that’s why we developed Ascom Myco™ (My companion). It is a truly purpose-built smartphone for healthcare, providing caregivers and clinicians with the information they need where it matters the most – at the heart of care. Asom Myco Chart IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS What if you could receive alerts and information about your patients directly on your smartphone? Imagine not having to interrupt what you are doing only to find out that someone else already took care of it. Or, imagine if you could reduce the number of steps you walk every day to look for information and spend more time with your patients. Let Ascom Myco help you – the specially designed user interface is built around a real-time patient overview, always available wherever you are. DIFFERENT ROLES AND DIFFERENT CHALLENGES What’s in it for you? Ascom Myco is developed for nurses, caregivers and clinicians, but it affects and involves other functions in healthcare as well, such as hospital management, IT, consultants, etc. By collaborating with healthcare facilities and applying user-centric design methods, we have developed Ascom Myco with the whole healthcare team in mind.
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