Pharyngoscope fiberscope ENT 3.6FL Optim

Pharyngoscope fiberscope ENT 3.6FL Optim

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The ENT 3.6F is an indispensable device for visualization and diagnosis by otolaryngologists, head & neck surgeons, plastic surgeons, speech pathologists and audiologists. The ENT 3.6F provides the physician with superior imaging for minimally - invasive diagnostic and surgical applications. The ENT 3.6F is available with an integral light guide cable (FL30) or with a universal post (FP30) for attachment and removal of light guide cables and portable light sources, for greater convenience and portability. FEATURES & BENEFITS * Small, 3.6mm diameter shaft for enhanced patient comfort * High articulation range for increased maneuverability * High-resolution fiberoptic image with wide field of view * Superior optics & illumination for ample, accurate, color-consistent imaging * Lightweight, sleek, ergonomic design * Durability, reliability & ease of maintenance * Fully immersible, leak testable & video compatible
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