Pediatric standing frame DS3, DS4 KAYE Products Inc.

Pediatric standing frame DS3, DS4 KAYE Products Inc.
DS3, DS4

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The Kaye Dynamic multi-positional stander allows 360 degrees of movement within the base of support while the client is safely aligned in a standing position. This unique stander is an important innovation for clients who do not develop adequate balance, weight shift or postural control to stand or walk unaided. The Kaye Dynamic Stander is distinctive in several ways as reported by clients and therapists who participated in clinical trials. First, the excursion of movement of the stander is adjusted with a spring loaded crank. Clients who were fearful of moving in standing reported that they felt in control and were not fearful when initiating movement. They could begin by experiencing limited movement within their base of support and increase the range of movement as they developed confidence. The resistance to movement can be adjusted so that clients of many ages, sizes and weight can work on postural control.
  • Patient type:pediatric
United States