Pediatric orthopedic glove Dynamic Lycra Boston Brace

Pediatric orthopedic glove Dynamic Lycra Boston Brace
Dynamic Lycra

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Where improvement in upper limb function is required a glove may affect gross and fine motor skills and the posture of the arm: Abduct the thumb Extend and encourage control of fingers Extend the wrist Extend the elbow Encourage supination of the forearm These orthoses have been used in the treatment of hemiplegia, quadraplegia, cerebral vascular accidents, trauma and now in some cases of multiple sclerosis and parkinson's disease. The glove may feature a long or short sleeve depending on the involvement of the whole arm. As well as the functional improvements, the patient may benefit from a reduction in ‘dynamic’ contractures and the hemiplegic arm may be lower and straighter when walking.
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