Patient central monitoring station / 16-bed YM9000 SMC Mediana

Patient central monitoring station / 16-bed YM9000 SMC Mediana
YM9000 SMC

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Patient Data Display Patient monitoring data are viewed on the main screen and in more detail in patient windows. The main screen displays real-time waveforms, numeric information, and alarms for up to 16 patients. The main screen waves and parameters are configurable for the user's convenience. Alarm Response Unique color coding capability to visually identify alarms and to display its severity on the main screen. Multi-level audio alarm tones also indicate alarms and their severity. Criteria of alarms and recordings of events can be configured on a unit-wide basis (with password protection) and modified by users for individual patients. Individual patient alarms, except for red level alarms, can be easily turned on and off. Data Storage and Review 72 hours of patient data real time waves and parameters can be stored for each patient. Saved strips with all waves per event can be stored for each patient and 72 hours patient data trends are stored and can be reviewed.
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Donghwa Medical Instrument Complex 1650-1,
South Korea
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