Passive wheelchair Foam-Karve Delichon

Passive wheelchair Foam-Karve Delichon

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Our unique on-site mobile process for customizing cushions has allowed thousands of people to sit more comfortably. At an initial appointment, either on-site at Delichon or at another suitable location, our dedicated and expert staff will take a beanbag impression of your shape. A Foam-Karve machine is then used to carve a block of foam into an accurate copy of your shape. You'll be able to try out the basic shape for comfort and fit, without the need for a return visit. Your cushions will then come back to our workshop for final finishing and covering. Come and see us at our workshop and you can have a complete "Seat in a Day". Custom made, cast and fully finished and covered and ready to take home! Contact us for more details. Foam-Karve cushions can be interfaced into a wide variety of wheelbases.
  • Propulsion:passive
United Kingdom