Partially adjustable dental articulator CSA 600 CORI DENT

Partially adjustable dental articulator CSA 600 CORI DENT
CSA 600

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- CALIBRATION System makes it possible for the dental clinics and labs to interchange casts wihout exchanging articulators. And it ensures that casts can be interchanged between CSA Articulators without inaccuracy. - interchanging casts to another articulator; it is often desirable to remove the casts from the CSA Articulator were originally mounted and to place them on another CSA one. So it is a very useful when the removed casts are to be sent to another place, the cast is attached easily to mounting plate so that it can readly be removed lator without any damage. - Thus, if dentists use a dental lab that appry CSA Ancuafors, casts need no longer be mounted on an ancuator when snpped to those labs and what s more, instrument damage and lost parts caused by shipping the articulator to and from the dental lab is elminated
  • Configuration:partially adjustable
South Korea