Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital VPX 400/400C VISIODENT SA

Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital VPX 400/400C VISIODENT SA
VPX 400/400C

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Within a few seconds of the start of acquisition, the VPX 400 displays high quality images on-screen, with excellent diagnostic value. High Performance 48-micron CCD Technology combined with an incredibly fine x-ray tube focal spot. By choosing the panoramic VPX400, you are probably choosing the best digital panoramic on the market: • 48-micron CCD X-ray tube focal spot: 0.35 x 0.5 mm (incredibly fine) • You eliminate development costs (films, developer, solutions, developing time, and archiving of films). • You increase the speed of diagnosis. • You improve patient communication. • You increase your productivity. Put the pleasure back into your work Frankfort and medial and lateral sagittal planes are visualized using laser beams and dual motorization of the central column. Everything has been designed to ensure stretching of the cervical column, positioning of the shoulders, and patient stability. Each and every patient, irrespective of their anatomy, is correctly positioned through the use of specific adaptors. A guide helps you to calibrate the images for very precise measurements. Absolute safety and control The VPX 400 panoramic system gives a high level of safety. Thanks to an on-board microprocessor, the machine automatically performs numerous tests in real-time. The exposure parameters are constantly updated. The power and intensity levels can also be modified manually. Radiation levels are significantly lower than those produced by traditional panoramic radiography machines.
  • Technology:digital
  • Type of system:panoramic X-ray system
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