Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital DENTOS ADANI

Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital DENTOS ADANI

One of the well-known application of digital scanning technology is the dental panoramic imaging. ADANI offers you DENTOS - a digital panoramic X-RAY system, equipped with a specific detector with high sensitivity and the high spatial resolution to ensure consistent high quality radiographic imaging quality. The system is easy to use and includes: automatic image acquisition process, which delivers the result to the computer screen in seconds, automatic imaging programs, adjustable for the patients size and simplified patient positioning as a result of the bite block and auxiliary chin rest design. Features: Constant potential high-frequency generator Thermal protection of the X-Ray tube Optimized dose during exposure Automatic examination programs
  • Type of system: : panoramic X-ray system
  • Technology: : digital
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