Panic button alert system / fall / with automatic detection Numera Libris™ Numera

Panic button alert system / fall / with automatic detection Numera Libris™ Numera
Numera Libris™

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Numera Libris gives today’s active seniors and their families freedom, security and the ability to manage their health at home or away. Numera Libris, a whole new category of device, is a “Personal Health Gateway” that integrates telehealth and safety features in one small, easy-to-wear mobile device. Numera Libris travels virtually anywhere delivering the functionality of a personal health device with a Mobile Emergency Response Service (MPERS). Easily integrated with existing monitoring software, Libris offers always-on connection, instant hands-free communication, automated fall detection, location tracking, remotely managed two-way voice, and Bluetooth connectivity to home health devices. Through our telehealth+telecare platform, Libris allows an individual to upload biometric measurements* from a variety of wireless health devices and instantly send that information securely to their health care team, including family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Benefits Enables health and safety monitoring both in and outside the home Expands target market to include the active-well and those with chronic conditions Extends your customer lifetime value Consolidates and simplifies your vendor relationships Features Automatically detects falls from virtually anywhere Captures personal health measurements Adaptive, multi-sensor fall detection and GPS location services Hands-free, two-way voice communication with your call center Integrates easily with existing monitoring infrastructure Bluetooth pairing with health monitoring devices
  • Characteristics:with automatic detection
  • Type:panic button
  • Application:fall
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