Palmar resting splint (orthopedic immobilization) AM-OSN-L-03 Reh4Mat

Palmar resting splint (orthopedic immobilization) AM-OSN-L-03 Reh4Mat

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Long lace-up wrist orthosis was developed according to anatomic shape, providing stabilization of fingers, radiocarpal joint and wrist. Dorsal part of orthosis is equipped with 2 plastic stays. The Strip on palm and 2 dorsal stays form circumferential three-points compression allowing adequate support and unloading of radio-carpal joint. Orthosis is made of innovative AirSanmed material. Non-elastic textile, which properties allowing an improvement in stabilization level of the joints. Indications: Radiocarpal joint dislocation Tendonitis and Tendon strains Overuse injuries Post-traumatic and postoperative ( orthopaedic or rheumatoid) Central or Peripheral neurological injuries Fractures requiring immobilization of wrist
  • Type:palmar resting splint
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