Pachymeter (ophthalmic examination) / ultrasound pachymetry DGH PACHETTE 3 DGH Technology

Pachymeter (ophthalmic examination) / ultrasound pachymetry DGH PACHETTE 3 DGH Technology

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Economical Portable Bilateral-Mode Accurate Fast IOP Correction Calculation All the Features of the most expensive pachymeters, at an economical price. Brought to you by the World's leading producer of ultra-high quality pachymeters since 1982. DGH Technology, Inc. New Economical Portable Pachymeter DGH Technology, Inc. announces a new low cost portable pachymeter. The DGH Model 555 PACHETTE 3 will enable eye care professionals to measure corneal thickness faster and easier utilizing improved ultrasound technology. The PACHETT 3 uses the exact enhanced corneal thickness measuring algorithm used in all the DGH pachymeters used exclusively by the OHTS investigators. The DGH Model 555 PACHETTE 3 is capable of measuring and storing up to 25 measurements bilaterally in as little as 1.6 seconds per eye. The IOP correction calculation is built into the software. The new backlit LCD character displays OD and OS measurements, running average, standard deviation and IOP correction calculation and allows easy visibility from a distance over a large viewing angle, and in all lighting conditions. Portable and lightweight, the PACHETTE 3 weighs only 0 .8 kilograms. Powered by two (2) AA NiMH rechargeable batteries The PACHETTE 3 probe is solid filled and has a clear polystyrene tip only 1.5 mm in diameter for easily visualizing the center of the cornea.
  • Type of instrument:pachymeter
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