Oxygen pressure monitor / transcutaneous PRÉCISE 8008 medicap homecare

Oxygen pressure monitor / transcutaneous PRÉCISE 8008 medicap homecare

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FOR EVERYDAY USE With the Précise 8008, you can carry out up to 8 measurements at the same time and read all relevant data on the large display. The measurements can be displayed numerically and graphically. The sensor parameters, the measurement process, as well as the measurement results can be saved onto an SD card. Therefore, you can reliably document every measurement and process them at any time externally on a PC. The sensors are suited both for the determination as well as monitoring of oxygen partial pressure, as they are also applicable for long-term measurements. The modern microelectronics feature most notably outstanding and efficient sensor technology. The striking usage advantages are high precision, low expenditure of time and reliable operation. INNOVATIVE An unbeatable advantage of the applied sensor technology is that it does not wear. The optical oxygen sensor must not be pre-heated. TIME-SAVING The optical measuring process renders the cleaning of the electrodes, as well as the changing of the electrolyte and membrane unnecessary.
  • Measured pressure:transcutaneous, oxygen
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