Oxygen mask / facial / veterinary 220314 McCulloch Medical

Oxygen mask / facial / veterinary 220314 McCulloch Medical

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The McCulloch Medical™ Oxygen Recovery Masks facilitate post-surgery, post-trauma and post smoke-inhalation patient recovery. Masks feature a rubber-mounted 22mm oxygen adaptor fitted to a durable polycarbonate mask with dual vents, not valves, to ensure unrestricted inhalation and exhalation to prevent unforeseen reduction or increase in O2 flow. - Mask bodies are manufactured from durable polycarbonate. - Diaphragms are manufactured from tear-resistant thermoplastic material. - 6 ft oxygen tubing. - Used by fire departments in 50 US states & other countries. - Clean in 1:20 solution of bleach and water. - Optional hook and strap sets available to secure the McCulloch Medical™ masks. - All masks carry the McCulloch Medical™ 2-year replacement warranty.