Oxygen hood for CPAP therapy StarMed CaStar Infant Intersurgical

Oxygen hood for CPAP therapy StarMed CaStar Infant Intersurgical
StarMed CaStar Infant

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StarMed CaStar Infant - Infant hood for CPAP therapy The CaStar Infant hood is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight CPAP patient interface for infants. It is designed to offer an alternative to traditional methods of CPAP delivery. The CaStar Infant hood is well tolerated for extended periods and can reduce the risks associated with both endotracheal intubation and face mask use. Technical Features Available in two sizes, providing an ideal option for CPAP therapy for a range of patient sizes Fitted with inflatable headrest Atraumatic harness for patient comfort Provided with built-in pressure manometer to check the presence of pressure within the hood (CPAP version only) Two sealed access ports for probes or catheters of 2.5-4.0mm Ø Patient access port with screw cap. Fitted with bidirectional anti-suffocation valve which opens automatically in the event of pressure failure Single packed. Custom-packs are supplied on specific request of the customer.
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