Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area / plug-in type Precision Medical

Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area / plug-in type Precision Medical
Precision Medical

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Our made Pediatric Flowmeters gives you precise result. Some of the key attributes are:- -Black Glass Float Indicator: The black glass float ball enhances visibility in order to assure accurate flow settings. -It has a Durable Housing: The poly carbonate housing is strong and durable. It is impervious to chemical solutions normally used in a clinical setting. -Comes with Front Flow Control Knob: The flow control knob is on the front of the flowmeter in clear sight of the operator. Side-mount knobs are susceptible to damage during installation of additional equipment. -It has Glass Flowtube: The glass flowtube assures consistent readings and allows superb accuracy for precise low-flow requirements. -“Stork" Safety Label: With the glance of an eye, the stork label quickly identifies the low-flow flowmeter, preventing accidental use of wrong flowmeter in neonatal application. -It is Shock Protection: The spring above the flowtube and the rubber flow tube bushing absorbs shock to protect the glass tube from breakage. -Comes with Warranty: All flowmeters are backed with a five-year warranty on the needle valve and a lifetime warranty on the housing.
  • Gas type:oxygen
  • Technology:variable area
  • Connection type:plug-in type
300 Held Drive,
Northampton, PA
United States
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