Ophthalmic perimeter (ophthalmic examination) / static perimetry HEP Heidelberg Engineering

Ophthalmic perimeter (ophthalmic examination) / static perimetry HEP Heidelberg Engineering

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Heidelberg Edge Perimeter The Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP) performs innovative functional testing of the visual system. New: Interface to PeriData Heidelberg Edge Perimeter - HEP Not only Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP), but also a NEW early detection test – Flicker-Defined Form (FDF)1,2. Now you have the best of both worlds in one perimeter. Connectivity The Heidelberg Eye Explorer (HEYEX) software platform provides flexible solutions from a solo practice to a large clinic environment. The integrated patient database facilitates storage and management of image files from all existing Heidelberg Engineering devices, such as SPECTRALIS, HRT and HEP. Network viewing software allows easy and reliable access to patient image files on most networked computer supporting seamless consultation and diagnosis. HEP - Connectivity HEYEX compatible with SPECTRALIS, HRT and HEP Centralized data storage Online data access Easy retrieval and viewing Office efficiency Fig. 1: Connectivity (click to enlarge) Stage-Specific Perimetry Visual field testing remains the main diagnostic tool to provide information about a patient’s visual function, quality of vision and quality of life. Functional testing supports clinicians in early disease detection, staging of disease or trend analysis in progressive glaucoma. 2-in-1 perimetry with HEP offers the most appropriate test for each stage of disease. It allows you to offer the right stimulus to your patient at the appropriate stage of disease. Flicker-Defined-Form Perimetry
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