Ophthalmic examination chair / ENT / electrical / 2-section medseat GREINER GmbH

Ophthalmic examination chair / ENT / electrical / 2-section medseat GREINER GmbH

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The flexible range for height adjustment of the electrical seat is 30 cm. The Medseats with electrical adjustment is fitted with a separate foot switch, often equipped with optional control element in backrest (based on the model). Adjustment of leg-rest and backrest can be accomplished either with aid of electric motor or manually. The seats featuring manual adjustment can be turned endlessly while the models featuring electrical flexibility of leg rest and backrest can be turned by angle of 350°. Every chair can be fixed in all positions. The armrests crafted from integral foam are capable of being turned away, making the device quite simply accessible for attending staff. While adjusting lounger to horizontal position, armrests move synchronously downwards thereby the individuals can have simple access to the chair as well as the client. But these models come without leg rest. Here individuals can avail a choice on 3 various fixed footrests as accessory.
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