Operating theater door / sliding / lead-lined / fire MF5 Dortek

Operating theater door / sliding / lead-lined / fire MF5 Dortek

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MF5 Hermetically sealing sliding lead lined and fire rated hygienic door The MF5 hermetic door is designed to comply with the strict standards imposed by medical sectors. The door seals perfectly when closed helping to prevent cross contamination and reduce the incidence of wound infections during operations. Our doors are ideal for hybrid operating theatres because we can incorporate any 5 key attributes into one door. These include hygiene, hermetic seal, fire protection, X-ray protection and automation. The smooth and seamless construction of our GRP doors makes them easy to clean and ensures they do not harbour bacteria. GRP does not warp, rust or rot and is unaffected by harsh cleaning regimes making it an ideal choice for healthcare environments.
  • Medical establishment:for operating theaters
  • Type:sliding
  • Protection type:lead-lined, fire, hermetic
Wicklow Town