Nurse call system NV-SPS1/C WestCall

Nurse call system NV-SPS1/C WestCall

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The One-Gang Full Duplex Audio Patient Station with Code Blue (NV-SPS1/C) offers patients full duplex audio capabilities and an easy way to make important calls and send alerts to staff members. It also features a pillow speaker and/or remote speaker that allows for two-way communication between staff and the patient. This single gang device features unique call assurance tones with an ON/OFF option and allows for seven configurable call types, including: Routine, Code Blue, Cord Out (call override), Bed Pan, Pain Med, Bed Exit, and Bed Out. It also features a unique CODE button that helps prevent accidental calls and a Cleaning Mode that inhibits cleaning personnel from accidentally placing calls while preparing rooms Features: 1-gang size for easy installation Compatible with all Novus systems and WestCall 10-pin pillow speakers Connects to NV-Dome/A with 5-pin Panduit and RJ-45 terminations Supports Manual/Auto Locating with NV-Dome/A Television and room light control capabilities Configurable Bed Interface (optical inputs available when Bed Interface is not used) Embedded microphone located in membrane and optional secondary, remote microphone Can connect with LDL-1004 dome light for a value-added engineering solution, but some features will be unavailable.