Not absorbable suture anchor Morphix® Medshape

Not absorbable suture anchor Morphix® Medshape

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The Morphix® Suture Anchor is a polymer anchor that is effective for the repair of wear–and-tear on tendons and ligaments. The end result of the surgical repair is guaranteed twithout any signs of failure. This is because of the instruments' improved cyclic loading stability that is not common with many other devices. With dynamic wings that deploy sub-cortically and expand 100%., the Morphix® Suture Anchor shows it unique design and purpose in and out of the operating room. Much research has gone into ensuring that after 1000 cycles of loading that the pullout strength is not affected. This is why with the Morphix® Suture Anchor there is less chance of area giving in due to fatigue. When the Morphix® Suture Anchor deploys the wings there is a high bearing area into the cancellous bone health. This area serves as a cortical shelf for better stability of the device.
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