Non-mydriatic retinal camera (ophthalmic examination) Volk Pictor Plus Volk

Non-mydriatic retinal camera (ophthalmic examination) Volk Pictor Plus Volk
Volk Pictor Plus

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The Pictor Plus portable ophthalmic camera can take your practice places. From the exam room to on-location screenings, nursing home calls and everywhere in between. It is lightweight, weighing just 1lb., and will shoot detailed high resolution images in daylight or darkness. Pictor Plus moves with your practice and makes portable possible. Features Improved Patient Care – High-resolution imagery that Pictor Plus produces is very effective during initial screenings and follow-up treatments. Patient information is entered directly into the handset for patient records. Portability – Weighing a mere 1lb., Pictor Plus is highly effective in mobile situations. A proven success in telemedicine applications, it is also highly beneficial for patients where access is difficult. Versatile – Two easily interchangeable modules provide high-resolution retinal (non-mydriatic) or external eye imaging. Integration - Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, Pictor Plus can seamlessly integrate with any PC or mobile device. It is compatible with multiple image analysis and EMR software solutions and has DICOM compatibility. Payback – In as little as 4 months, your practice can expect a return on the original investment.
  • Type of instrument:non-mydriatic retinal camera
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