Non-invasive pressure monitor / intracranial HeadSense

Non-invasive pressure monitor / intracranial HeadSense

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The HeadSense device is based on advanced signal analysis algorithms that analyze an acoustic signal that is generated by the device. The acoustic signal is transmitted using a small transmitter, placed in the patient’s ear, and picked by an acoustic sensor placed in the other ear. The signal is then sent over a wireless Bluetooth connection to the monitor, that is either a tablet or a smartphone. The signal is then analyzed using proprietary algorithms, and the ICP value is displayed to the user in mmHg which is the medical standard units for ICP measurement. The device is disposable, and looks like a headset. It is capable of performing continuous and quantitative (mmHg) ICP monitoring. Initial results are available in a matter of seconds. The device can be operated by nurses and paramedics, and ICP can be acquired in ER’s, ambulances, ICU, and even for homecare use. In the future, the technology can be used to analyze various parameters in neurology and cardiology, expending the product’s capabilities even further.
  • Measured pressure:intracranial, non-invasive