NMR spectrometer Kea2 Magritek

NMR spectrometer Kea2 Magritek

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Applications The extended operating range and features of the Kea2 series makes it useful for a wide range of applications: Spectroscopy, time domain relaxation and imaging Mobile permanent magnets High frequency superconducting magnets Ultra-low frequency systems (e.g. Earth’s Field) Single-sided NMR Modular and Flexible The modular Kea2 spectrometer is customised to meet your requirements. Existing systems are easily integrated with Kea2?s optional internal RF amplifier, preamp and duplexer modules. Kea2?s imaging module provides control of up to 4 gradients. Direct digital transmit and detect Kea2 uses no intermediate mixing frequencies — meaning no quadrature issues. Kea2?s 1 GHz digital transmit circuit performs direct waveform synthesis at up to 400 MHz. The receive module directly digitises the NMR signal at 100 MHz for a high quality, low noise NMR signal. This is the same technology used in most modern high field NMR spectrometers but is available with Kea for a fraction of the price. Portable The lightweight, low-footprint Kea2 spectrometer is convenient to use in almost any environment. Powered by two standard 12 V car batteries, the Kea2 can be operated far afield in any remote location.
  • Spectrometer type:NMR
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