Neurosurgery electrosurgical unit Nico Corporation

Neurosurgery electrosurgical unit Nico Corporation
Nico Corporation

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Imagine a device that finally gives you more effective ways to approach endoscopic and open brain and spinal tumor removal and spend less procedure time on tumor removal. The NICO Myriad is a fully automated, completely disposable, non-heat generating neuro and spinal tissue/tumor resection device used in minimally invasive and open surgical approaches. It is a single insertion, multi-functional instrument that combines the capabilities of scissors, suction and a blunt dissector. The Myriad system is available in a variety of diameters, lengths and configurations to meet the diverse needs of patients and clinical presentations in skull base and transfacial procedures. The handpiece works consistently and reliably to address a myriad of clinical challenges in a cost effective way. Clinical advantages of the NICO Myriad include: Control - Precise tissue cutting and removal without the use of heat or ultrasonic energy, reducing opportunity for collateral tissue damage - Physician controlled, real-time variable aspiration for fine tissue removal control around and on critical structures, minimizing potential traction on surrounding tissues Speed - 1,500 samples acquired per minute provides for rapid debulking of larger and fibrous tumors, useful for reducing tissue resection time - Single insertion device is a multi-functional instrument: an aspirator, tissue rake, and scissors all in one and without the need to remove for cleaning or to collect tissue - One-minute set up from package to ready-for-use
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